OverviewReconciliation and Coexistence in Contact Zones

Main Activities
1. Leading research activities
- Interdisciplinary joint research and convergence research
- Contact zone research and data collection
- Establishment of the Contact Zones Humanities
- Spreading the Contact Zone Humanities and securing its status
2. Establishment of a research infrastructure
- Digital contents creation (video and audio materials, apps, AR/VR)
- Building and delivering online archives and databases
- Establishment and operation of an integrated academic network with institutions studying the contact Zones in East Asia
3. Domestic and international research exchange activities
- Monthly presentations
- Domestic academic conferences
- International academic conferences (including joint East Asia conferences)
- Regular academic seminars and colloquium inviting renowned scholars from home and abroad
- Converting the journal into the e-journal and registering it to SCOPUS
4. Social contribution activities based on research results
- Operation of the online homepage
- Publication of domestic and international Academic Series, Source Material Series, and Translation Series
- Creation and distribution of a map of the Contact Zones
- Development of textbooks on the Contact Zone Humanities
- Establishment of online and offline larchiveums
5. Nourishment of contact Zones researchers and education program for citizens
- Development and operation of a curriculum on the Contact Zone Humanities
- Planning and operation of an interdisciplinary program between graduate schools
- Development and operation of level-differentiated education programs
- Development and operation of public participation programs
6. Operation of regional centers for humanities
- Establishment and operation of Seoul Regional Humanities Centers
- Establishment and operation of Ansan Regional Humanities Centers
- Establishment and operation of Yongin Regional Humanities Centers

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