About RCCZReconciliation and Coexistence in Contact Zones

Our research center was selected for the HK+ project by the National Research Foundation of Korea in 2017. The center aims to integrate various disciplines such as history, literature, religion, anthropology, and sociology to provide holistic or systematic outcomes for contact zones research, offering a great model of interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary research project. This project will be conducted over a period of seven years based on the theme of "Reconciliation and Coexistence in Contact Zones(RCCZ)."

The contact zones, as defined by the RCCZ Research Center. Include not only the physical conditions of human behavior but also social stages where various cultures and values ​​compete and resonate with one another. Based on this awareness, our center will research the various contact zones that exist within East Asia and Europe reaching forward to the ideas of "reconciliation and coexistence" viewpoint.

East Asia, which including Korea, China, and Japan, has long-shared cultural heritages. However, due to conficting historical perceptions and exclusive nationalism, people have found it challenging to resolve existing conflict and disentangle antagonism in the region. By contrast, Europe seems to be steadily diminishing deep-rooted hostilities that have persisted between various countries and seems to be moving towards reconciliation.

Our research center will fulfill the aims of an academic institution by comparing the experiences of Europe and East Asia. It will also present a humanistic model that will help enhance mutual understanding and ease tensions within our civil society.

I hope that RCCZ Research Center will raise awareness about the value of "reconciliation and coexistence" throughout our society.

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