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Selected as a recipient of the Humanities Korea (HK⁺) project grant of the National Research Foundation of Korea in 2017, our research center began the second phase of its project period in 2020.

Our research center proposes to deepen and expand the contact zone research, further aiming at theorizing on contact zone studies. We concurrently have the development of convergence studies as yet another core task in our second project phase. The contact zones, in the understanding of our research team, are not limited only to borders. The term also includes a variety of borderland spaces in every corner of diverse societies. During the first phase of our study, we identified these contact zones and accumulated the knowledge of their history and culture from the perspectives of ‘Encounters and Conflicts’, ‘Intermingling and Hybridity,’ and ‘Convergence and Coexistence.’ Now, in the second stage, we will use these achievements as a starting point to further develop contact zone research as both academic and practical methodology for reconciliation and coexistence.

The world seems to have stopped for a while in response to the unprecedented pandemic. Even in this unusual time, however, the conflicts between nations and ethnic groups continue as before. Contact zones, in our understanding, are alternative spaces and bases for a new, dynamic frame of thought that clearly reveals the limits of dichotomous, black-or-white thinking, at the national or ethnic level. Our Research Center will devote all its energy to recording and remembering the journey in the process of which various contacts that have been taking place in the borderlands of Europe and East Asia led to the buildup of the historical legacy of solidarity and reconciliation.

In the future, I hope that our Research Center will be actively participating in dialogues with the civil societies worldwide, and will strictly adhere to the norms of academic rectitude. Furthermore, I hope that we will be able to propose a new ethical value system for reconciliation and coexistence on the basis of our contact zone research achievements.

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Junsik Son, Director of the Research Center for Reconciliation and Coexistence in Contact Zones

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